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Laundry room floods are rare, but not as rare as you might think. When they come, they can do catastrophic damage to your home, so it’s a good idea to do some preventative work on your home to make sure it doesn’t happen.

By taking a few steps to protect the area from a washing machine mishap, you could be saving yourself thousands of dollars and a huge headache. A flooded laundry room means everything has to be ripped out and redone. That can get expensive and is very labor-intensive, not to mention leaving you without a washer/dryer space.

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First, check your valves where the washing machine hoses connect. If these are corroded, green, or just generally nasty-looking, it’s probably time to have them replaced. They could be releasing chemicals into your hoses and your washer that could cause both to malfunction over time. You can test them by…

  • Grab a bucket
  • Turn the water all the way on
  • Turn it completely off
  • If the water keeps flowing or drips, it’s time to replace or repair your valves.

Valves & Hose Connections

If your valves and hose connections are in good shape, check your hoses. They should have no bubbles or damage, and should not have water on them. If they show signs of damage, or if it has been five years since you last changed them, it’s time for new hoses.

Rubber ones are okay, but the stainless-steel coated ones will give you more protection. They are still rubber inside, but the steel keeps the hose from shooting water everywhere if it bursts.

Next, make sure you can screw and unscrew your hoses easily. This makes it easier to check them for leaks and to replace them. If they are stuck or corroded onto the valves, you have a couple of options.

Replacing Valves

If you need to replace your valves, look into a ball valve. These look nicer and work better and easier than the traditional screw valves. Try to find valves made out of brass. These are not affected by water like other metals, so they will last longer and be less likely to leak.

Flood-Stop Hoses

There are also flood-stop hoses, which are supposed to stop the flow of water in case of a burst, so your home doesn’t flood. However, the technology for these is still developing. Some of the hoses have been known to stop the water entirely, even when the machine is working properly! 

If you need new washing machine valves, or you have some questions about how yours is working, we can give you answers. Call Wimpy’s Plumbing to schedule an appointment, or do it through our website. We’ll get your laundry room working again in no time.

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