Plumbing Inspections Before Home Purchases

Almost everyone who buys a new house has it inspected as part of the buying process. While an inspector can give you some general information about the status of the plumbing system in a home, a plumber can do much more. Sure, it costs to have a plumber come inspect the sewer lines and how the water flows, but this can save you tens of thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs by avoiding a home with a bad plumbing system.

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One of the things that a plumber does when inspecting your home is send a camera through the sewer lines. This can give you all sorts of information, like whether the lines are blocked, whether tree roots have grown into the lines or are putting pressure on them anywhere, and what material the pipes are made from.

Running a camera through the sewer will also help your plumber to know what it would cost to fix any problems that are found. This can aid you in deciding whether you want to buy the house and take on the cost of repairs or if the repairs simply make the home too expensive.

Questions Homebuyers Should Ask About Sewer Systems

Checklist of Questions

  • Is the house on a well?
    • If so, how old is the pressure tank? What about the pump?
  • Have there ever been flooding issues in the basement?
  • Does the home have a sump pump?
  • Is there any sort of battery back-up installed?
  • How old is the water heater?
    • Is it the original heater that came with the house, or has it been replaced?
  • How hard is the water?
    • Has it ever caused any plumbing problems?
    • Is there a water softener installed?
  • How old is the garbage disposal?
    • Is it used regularly? Does it work well?

Figuring out what might be going wrong

  1. Turn on one faucet. Check the water pressure. Then turn on several more. If the pressure at the original faucet has gone down significantly, this can indicate problems with the main water line.
  2. If something were to go wrong with it, would it cause major damage? If it is close to carpet, nice flooring, or load-bearing walls, a simple leak could end up being a major problem.
  3. Check whether the water heater is the right size for the house. If you like to take long showers or baths, you many need a larger one than the previous owners did.

  • Look at the base of the toilet. If it is discolored, squishes, or the toilet rocks a little, you will need to have work done. Without removing the toilet it’s impossible to know whether there is a leak, the seal needs replacing, or the flange has a problem. However, these signs tell you that something needs to be done.
  • Examine the cabinets under sinks. If they are wet or foul smelling, there’s a good chance something is leaking or malfunctioning. It may be an easy fix, but it’s one you’d want to take care of before you move in.

Whether you decide to pursue buying the home or not, it’s good to have a sense of how the plumbing is working before you make the decision. Examining these things will help you feel informed. We’d be happy to come and take a look at the plumbing of a place as well. Call Wimpy’s Plumbing today!

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