Trenchless Technology, Pipe Bursting, Wimpy’s No Dig Pipe Replacement.

You may of lived in the same house in Sarasota for over 35 years.  Life is going along just great and over the course of those 35 years you may of had minor plumbing, electric and air conditioner issues.  It happens.  Everything needs some attention as time passes. Maybe, yesterday your toilet backed up.  As you think back over time, you know this has never backed up into your bathtub, like it is now when you flush your toilet.  This is a sign that your plumbing system needs attention.  Call the Plumber!  So you call the Plumber and he clears … [Read More]

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Sipping Toilet repaired by Sarasota Plumber.

Having been in the Plumbing business in Sarasota for over forty three years, we thought we had heard every description of plumbing problems from our customers.  Yet to the amazement of all of our Master Plumbers on staff, we had never heard a water closet problem being described as a sipping toilet! Being service plumbers, we are always up for a new challenge, so all of us wanted to go fix the sipping toilet.  Just to see what the problem could be. Well we all drew straws and the longest straw was the one who got to go.   … [Read More]

Wimpy’s is Sarasota’s Full Service Plumber!

When you want a Plumber, wouldn’t you rather have one that can take care of all of your plumbing needs?  Wimpy’s is that Plumber, Sarasota’s Full Service Plumber! We can fix your running toilet, drippy faucet or install all new drain lines and water lines in your house.  We can clear your drains that are stopped up or install you a whole house water conditioner, filter or water softner. If you are having a problem stoppage, we have the latest technology to go inside a drain line with a camera and see what the problem is.  If fixing the … [Read More]

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Love Your is a Specialty Plumbing Company in Sarasota, Fl.

Love your is a specialty Plumbing Company in Sarasota, Fl..  The reason we are a specialty Plumbing Company is because our goal is to exceed your expectations of what you deserve when you call a Professional Plumbing Company.  We want you to be so happy that you tell all of your friends and neighbors how much they Love their Plumber. You will start to Love Your Plumber as soon as you hear our office managers cheery voice, answering your call about whatever plumbing problem you may have.  Lori will make sure you know when our professional, polite, courteous … [Read More]

Leak On Floor When Bathroom Sink Runs.

Water on the bathroom floor or on the floor of the wall behind the bathroom, maybe the kitchen?  We had this happen to a good customer the other day.  They had just gotten back into town and turned on their bathroom sink faucet.  The husband noticed water on the floor coming out from under the refrigerator.  They had just gotten a new refrigerator and thought maybe the ice maker line connection was leaking.  He pulled the refrigerator out and checked the ice maker line, that was fine.   But there was still water on the floor.  That’s when he … [Read More]

Save Your Terrazzo Floors With Trenchless Technology.

Save your terrazzo floors with Trenchless Technology. This method will replace your old plumbing waste lines under your terrazzo floors, without disturbing your terrazzo.  If you are having plumbing stoppages in Sarasota or Bradenton, and your pipes that are old and corroded, then we have the solution if you want to save your floors. Saving your terrazzo floors with Trenchless Technology, is very beneficial.  This method of replacing plumbing waste lines is also known as “pipe bursting”.  We find that quite a large number of people in the Sarasota/Bradenton area have older homes with terrazzo floors.  These same homes … [Read More]

Sarasota Plumber, Wimpy’s, is THE Plumber in Sarasota!

Sarasota Plumber, Wimpy’s, is the Plumber in Sarasota!  Customers in the Sarasota and Bradenton areas have depended on Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air for over forty three (43) years.  We have been giving estimates with honest professional opinions that our customers have come to rely on.  We will always offer you options on the problems you need fixed, repaired or replaced in your home. Sarasota Plumber, Wimpy’s, is the Plumber in Sarasota!  From the initial call and speaking to our office manager, Lori, who is always pleasant and concerned with your particular plumbing problem, to the cleanest, most well stocked, … [Read More]

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Pipe Bursting By Wimpy’s Allowed Church Service in Sarasota To Stay On Schedule.

Pipe bursting by Wimpy’s allowed church services in Sarasota to stay on schedule last week.  When the original cast iron waste lines started causing stoppages due to breaks in the old cast iron waste lines, Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air came up with some options for the church.  The main concern was staying open, so the church could continue to have services.  So instead of the time consuming chore and the associated clean up of cutting concrete, even though Wimpy’s has the Hilti’s Dustless Technology concrete cutting system, they chose to use their pipe bursting equipment to save time on … [Read More]

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Water Heater Not Heating, How Do I Fix It? Wimpy’s Will Tell You.

Water heater not heating, how do I fix it?  Wimpy’s will tell you over the phone some things you may want to try, however we highly recommend that a certified professional check this particular situation.  The water heater normally will use 240 volts of power and the general water heater in a home pulls thirty amps of power.  One really needs to have the proper set of skills to diagnose a water heater.  A person could easily get electrocuted by messing around inside, behind the panels of a water heater. The electrical components of most electric water heater are … [Read More]

Stoppages and Slow Drains, Wimpy’s Has The Expertise to Solve Your Drain Problems.

Stoppages and slow drains, Wimpy’s has the expertise to solve your drain problems.  Knowledge can make you a tradesperson, but only experience can make you an expert.  This is so true when it comes to drain cleaning.  For over forty three years in the Sarasota/Bradenton areas, including all of the barrier islands, Wimpy’s has been solving stoppage problems and slow drain issues for our customers.  We have professional, State Certified Master Plumbers with years of experience to take care of your drain problems. We are the Plumber in Sarasota who will give you an honest evaluation of your problem. … [Read More]