When My Kitchen Drains, It Comes Up In My Laundry Tub.

When your kitchen drains and comes up in your laundry tub, this is a sign of a stoppage in your plumbing system. These things happen sometimes if you overload your garbage disposal.  Too much at one time going down an old corroded cast iron line can cause the kitchen drain to  come up in the laundry tub.  If this happens, you will more than likely need the help of a plumbing professional. A plumber will need to snake-out the drain.  The professional plumber will know exactly how to clear the stoppage.  He will also be able to tell you … [Read More]


Phantom Flushing, My Toilet Phantom Flushes.

Phantom flushing, my toilet phantom flushes.  This is a common problem that Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air comes across.  Customers in Sarasota and Bradenton, call and tell “Lori” our office manager that their toilet just flushes by itself. They say they are sitting in the next room and hear the toilet turn itself on and then it stops.  Thus, the phantom flush.  The phantom flush is usually caused by a deteriorated flapper in the toilet.  The chemicals in the water, most typically, chlorine, will cause the rubber the flapper is made of to swell and deform or get hard.  This … [Read More]

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What Is Wimpy’s? Dependable, Honest, Family Plumbing Business in Sarasota.

What is Wimpy’s?  We are a dependable, honest, family owned Plumbing business in Sarasota, that cares about your plumbing needs.  Sarasota and Bradenton folks, have seen Wimpys around their neighborhood for the past 42 years. Wimpy’s is the most professional Plumbing company in Sarasota. We arrive on time, with clean fully, stocked service trucks.  We do this so we can take care of your plumbing problems on the spot.  Our men are all Florida State Certified Licensed Master Plumbers. Wimpy’s will  provide the customer with free evaluations on their plumbing, along with different options they may have.  There is … [Read More]

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LoveYourPlumber.com, is Sarasota’s Dependable Plumber, Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air.

Loveyourplumber.com, is Sarasota’s Dependable Plumber.  Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air goes the extra mile to take care of their customers.  People seem to always tell us that they called other plumbers in Sarasota, and no one will return their phone call. Not us!   Our middle name is Dependable, and we strive to be that.  Whether it be returning phone calls or showing up when we said we would.  We are the most Dependable Plumbing Company in Sarasota, because we care. Wimpy’s is a family business, that wants to take care of your families plumbing needs.  When you call, you have … [Read More]

Water Leak at Meter. Sarasota Plumber or Sarasota Utilities? Who Do I Call?

Water leak at meter.  Sarasota Plumber or Sarasota Utilities?  Who do I call?  When you see water coming out from your backflow device or you see water coming up from the ground around the water meter, it could be both a Sarasota Plumber and a Sarasota County Water Utility problem. The first thing to check is to see exactly where the water is coming from.  If the water is coming from the big brass thing above ground, called a backflow device, you will need to call your Sarasota Plumber.  The backflow device is ahead of the water meter and … [Read More]

Toilet Seats, Cheap, Good, Better, Bells & Whistles, Wimpy’s Is The Expert.

Toilets seats, cheap, good, better, bells and whistles, Wimpy’s is the expert.  There are a lot of options for toilet seats that were not available years ago.  Back when the only option was just how big to make the hole for your outhouse seat. Toilet seats can be purchased from $4.99 to $1,800.00.  That’s a pretty wide range of pricing.  What do you get and what is the difference.  Wimpy’s is the expert, to ask about  your toilet seat options and why they are different. The material the toilet seat is made of makes a difference in the cost … [Read More]

Cheap Plumber, Cheap Plumbing Is It The Right Choice?

Cheap Plumber, Cheap plumbing, is it the right choice?  Just the other day I was working on a house that was eight years old.  The new owner had just bought a new washing machine, and wanted Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air to hook it up, along with a few other repairs. When our Plumber went to turn off the washing machine valves, the stem assembly broke in his hand and water started flooding out from the washing machine valve. Feeling like the kid with his finger in the hole in the dike, the owner was able to shut -off the … [Read More]

Why Do Toilets Overflow?

Why do toilets overflow?  When people search the internet for Loveyourplumber.com, they find Wimpy’s website.  This will get them to the Plumber in Sarasota that will find out why their toilet overflows. There are numerous reasons for toilets to overflow and what a mess it becomes when it does happen.  So let me help you nip this problem in the bud.  Below are some reasons why toilets overflow. 1)  There is not enough water in the tank, to create the proper siphon action in the bowl. 2) The refill tube is not properly positioned in the overflow tube. This … [Read More]

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Water Heater Leak or A/C leak, How do You Know?

Sometimes we will get a call from a customer and they tell us that their water heater is leaking.  So we come prepared to change out the leaking water heater.  Upon arrival and a close inspection we find that it is not the water heater leaking, but the a/c condensate line from the air conditioner that is sitting above the water heater. This is one of the reasons why you want an honest, professional Plumber, in Sarasota that can properly diagnosis your water leak.  It is better to use a company with people that care about fixing your problem … [Read More]

Well Water, No Water, Wimpy’s Does Well Water Work.

Well water, no water, Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air in Sarasota works on getting your well water back on.  If you are on a well, chances are you have woken up or went to bed with no water.  So many things can happen to a well system that can cause the, I have no water service call.  Sometimes we can walk you through the problem over the phone.  Other times, you might need a professional Plumber from Sarasota to repair your well or pump problem. Wimpy’s Plumbing, stocks their trucks with everything you might need to get your water back … [Read More]