panties clogging drain

Drain Problem, Wimpy’s Found This Clogging the Drain!

Drain problem, Wimpy’s found this clogging the drain!  This appears to be about a size 40 ladies green panty that this Sarasota Plumber found clogging the sewer line.  Now I don’t care who you are, one has to find that amusing. Aided by their sewer camera, that Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air carries on all their trucks, our Florida State Certified Licensed Master Plumber was able to find the cause of the clogged sewer line that was causing all of the toilets to back up and overflow.  Not only did we find the cause, but we were able to remove … [Read More]


Publix, Plumbing and Wimpy’s. What Do They Have In Common?

 Publix, Plumbing and Wimpy’s. What do they have  in common?  They answer to that, is a lot.  Publix is the cleanest super market around. Wimpy’s is the cleanest Plumber around. Publix, Plumbing and Wimpy’s. What do they have in common?  Publix customer service is exceptional. So is Wimpy’s.  Just ask our customers! Publix, Plumbing and Wimpy’s.  What do they have in common?  Publix is friendly and always there to help you.   Wimpy’s is friendly and always there to help you.  Just call and speak to Lori, at Wimpy’s, you won’t find a friendly person who cares about your plumbing … [Read More]

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Cheap, Affordable, Good Plumber In Sarasota.

When a plumbing problem occurs, one automatically thinks I have to get this fixed.  If the problem is beyond your capability or it is a mystery problem, then you will need to call a Plumber in Sarasota.  In today’s economy, everyone would like to save a dollar and not spend more than they have to. So, you want a cheap, affordable, good Plumber!  To be honest, it will be hard to get all three wants, from one Plumbing Company in Sarasota. Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air will send out a Florida State Certified Licensed Master Plumber to evaluate your plumbing … [Read More]

love your plumber

Valentines Day and Plumbing Today = Love Your Plumber Today.

Valentines day is upon us once again.  This is the day we are supposed to express our love for that special person in our lives.  I think that we should express our love and appreciation to that special person every day, because life is too short.  I always try to do something unique and out of the box when it comes to expressing appreciation to that person in my life, who by the way, is my bride of 32 precious years. I just don’t wait for Valentines day to show love and appreciation to my wife, I do it … [Read More]

Hydro-Jet It and Forget It! Watch Video of Wimpy’s, Hydro-jetting 32 Year Old Sarasota Home..

Hydro-jetting old cast iron sewer lines is a very effective way to clean your waste lines.  By having your pipes cleaned, it reduces your  chances of having a stoppage or clogged toilet.  Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air in Sarasota, likes to tell its’ customers that are having clogged pipes or stoppages, to Jet it and Forget it! By cleaning old cast iron lines that have rust, scale and sediment built up inside the pipe with a Jetter, you may get many more years of service from your existing waste lines. A high velocity, water jetter uses gallons per minute and … [Read More]

water heater

Water heater leak?  Wimpy’s works on weekends and holidays. 

Water heater leak?  Wimpy’s works on weekends and holidays.  Murphy’s law will dictate when your water heater will leak.  Weekends and holidays seem to be ingrained in that law of his. Water heater leak?  Wimpy’s works on weekends and even during the Thanksgiving holiday.  Usually during the Thanksgiving holiday, we as Plumbers, have the ” my kitchen sink is stopped up or my guests stopped up my toilet, type of service calls.  However this year, it seemed as if all the water heaters ganged up and said lets leak at the same time.  Kind of like a bunch of … [Read More]

water heater

Water Heater Sizing & Pricing Is Changing Dramatically, By April 2015.

Water heater sizing and pricing is going to change dramatically in April of 2015.  Due to the government agency, The Department of Energy (DOE), new energy efficiency standards will have to be met on all water heaters.  This is going to create challenges in an existing home or condominium.  The footprint, (diameter) and the height of water heater manufactured after April 2015 is going to increase. So, who is affected by this?  Plumbers, heating and HVAC contractors, designers, engineers and most of all, You!  If the new size water heater does not fit in the space where your old … [Read More]

lavatories draining slow

Lavatories Draining Slow, Need Sarasota Plumber That Is Honest.

Lavatories draining slow, need Sarasota Plumber that is honest, was what a customer called and said the other day.  She was a first time customer, who found us on Google.  After calling our office and speaking to Lori, she was certain she had found an honest, Sarasota Plumbing Company. One just gets that gut feeling, when speaking to someone, what their integrity and personality seem to be. Upon the arrival of one of our Florida State Certified, Licensed Master Plumbers, she felt the same way.  When we listened to her explain her plumbing problem of her lavatories draining slow, … [Read More]

Cheap, Handyman Plumber, Is Not A Wise Choice.

Cheap, Handyman Plumber, is not a wise choice, when it comes to repairing plumbing in your home.  As a professional Florida State Certified Plumbing Contractor, Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air comes across a lot of repairs done by a handy man who professes to be a Plumber.  Many times our Sarasota Plumbing Company is called out to re-do something done by a handyman plumber.  Sometimes what the handyman has done, caused a flood in the house or ruined a cabinet.  More serious is when we find plumbing lines not vented properly, which cause sewer gas to come into your home … [Read More]


How Do I Choose a Toilet?

How do I choose a toilet?  For a homeowner this can be an overwhelming concern.  If you are shopping for a new toilet, it is because yours is old, broken, doesn’t flush well or you want a new color to fit your new bathroom. When you walk into a big box store to shop for toilets, they will carry about four different brands. And the brands will have three to four models between them.  That is a lot of choices!  Do you just ask the $10.00 an hour guy which one is the best?  How would he know?  Do … [Read More]