Clogged toilet, Stopped up toilet, When do I need a Plumber in Sarasota

If you just heard your toilet flush and your child say oh-oh, you might need a plumber.  Clogged or stopped up toilets are a terrible way to start your day. Sometimes, when a water closet doesn’t flush, it is simply a matter of plunging the bowl to clear the stoppage.  When plunging a toilet, remember that pulling back on the suction of the plunger is almost more effective than pushing the plunger.  But you should do both, push and pull the plunger.  Other times a tool called a closet auger can be used.  A closet auger is a type … [Read More]

moen faucet

Can My Plumber in Sarasota Fix My Faucet that is Hard to Pull On and Off?

If any of your faucets such as your bathroom sink faucet, tub valve, shower valve or kitchen faucet is hard to pull on and off, your Sarasota plumber can tell you what is wrong and explain to you how to fix it.  The most common faucet that is hard to pull on and off is the Moen faucet.  Moen brand is an excellent choice of faucets due to Moens’ warranty.  Some of the reasons these faucets become hard to use is non-use of faucet, think of it as exercising your body (use it or lose it), improper installation of not … [Read More]

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Leak in the Closet, the Floor is Wet Behind the Bathroom Wall

You may have started your morning by your wife telling you the floor in the closet is wet, behind the bathroom wall.  This is not what you wanted to hear anytime, much less first thing in the morning.  What do you do? Call your Sarasota plumber and schedule an appointment with Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air, so when your wife asks you what you are going to do, you can tell her you have a backup plan. Leak Detection Now you can take some time and search for some clues that will help you find the cause of the puddle … [Read More]

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How to Fix a Toilet that Takes Forever to Fill

  We have customers call our Sarasota plumbers quite often, with the question of when I flush my toilet, why does it take forever to fill?  This is a common bathroom plumbing problem, because the majority of toilet tanks use the same type of a water measuring device commonly referred to as a ballcock or a fill valve. Toilet Fill ValveS Typically in years past, a ballcock in a toilet tank had a float arm with a float ball attached to it. The most common style of water measuring devices in toilets today would be a fill valve. This … [Read More]

Why a toilet runs periodically.

One of the most common complaints about toilets is that my toilet runs periodically or people hear the toilet turn on to refill the tank.  They say that the noise occurs for about 5-10 seconds.  When these people call a Sarasota plumber about this problem,  their licensed master plumber in Sarasota will ask them about their toilet or as plumbers in Sarasota call them, water closets.  The Sarasota plumber will ask them if they know the brand and age of their water closet.  This is so the plumber in Sarasota can determine which flapper or flush valve they need … [Read More]

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Kitchen sink won’t drain.

My kitchen sink won’t drain so I took apart the PVC  trap and rodded the drain two feet, but it is still backing up.  This is a complaint heard by many a plumbing company in Sarasota. Let’s list some of the reasons why a kitchen sink won’t drain and some possible solutions, so you don’t have to call a plumber. First, if only one side of your sink is stopped up, use a plunger to plunge the stopped upside while holding the strainer/drain plug down on the other side will normally clear the drain. It’s important to hold the … [Read More]

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Pipe outside close to house is leaking

When you get a very high water bill for two months in a row and you have checked your toilets for them running constantly, and they check out fine, you need to go outside and look around. Perhaps you have a hose connected to a hose bib, that was left on and the hose leaks.  Either the hose end is bad or maybe the hose washer fell out. Or it is spraying out around the handle or the hose bib screw on vacuum breaker. Another possibility, is that someone left the hose running. A way to tell if you … [Read More]

Why Won’t My Toilet Flush Solids Out?

Many years ago, toilets, water closets or hoppers as they were called way back when, used 7.5 gallons of water.  Most people never had a problem with their toilet not flushing out all the solids.  Today, with the federal water conservation act, toilets are mandated to use 1.6 gallons or less to do the same job.  Unfortunately, some of these newer toilets don’t work as well as the old 7.5 gallon water closets. Toilet Flushing Help Some important things to check that your Sarasota plumber would tell you on the phone would be: Lift off the tank lid and … [Read More]

garbage disposal

My disposal leaks under the sink.

A common problem plumbers in Lakewood Ranch hear from their customers is, I have water leaking under my kitchen sink and it appears to be coming from the garbage disposal. The first thing to do is to dry everything off so you can determine where the leak is coming from.  When you have dried off the area, run some water and see if you can pinpoint the source of the leak. Start looking at the bottom of the sink.  Sometimes, the installer didn’t get the mounting bracket tight enough or did not use plumbers putty on the bottom of … [Read More]

water softener

Why does my water softener use too much salt?

Water softeners are great.  They tend to work trouble free for long periods of time.  Their purpose is to remove magnesium and calcium from your water.  These are the minerals that create the hardness of the water.  Water hardness levels differ around counties and municipalities.  When choosing a softener, one needs to know the hardness level of their water.  Also, the softener needs to be sized for the amount of water the household will use. When the softener is built to specifications,  it is set up for that particular water sample.  The specs of the water test will determine … [Read More]