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Is someone stealing your water?

Have you ever come home from vacation and saw your water bill for that month and noticed that it was a lot higher?  Or do you just wonder if the neighbor you aren’t on good terms with is washing their car or filling their swimming pool with your water? To prevent people from stealing your water while you are gone, could just be as simple as turning your water off at the main house shut-off valve.  But the thieves could just turn the water on and off and you wouldn’t know until the water bill came. If you do … [Read More]


My lavatory won’t seal.

Bathroom sinks are called lavatories by plumbers.  Lavatories in the bathroom are also called basins.  People are accustomed to the lavatories holding water while they are shaving or using the basin to rinse or soak something.  There are times when the lavatory doesn’t hold water.  Now a days,  it seems more common then ever.  I want to list a few of the reasons why this could be occurring. The more competitive lavatories are not formed well where the drain ring fits in. Thus the plumber has to use more putty to make sure it seals.  If you fill up … [Read More]

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Five Reasons People Choose a Cheap Sarasota Plumber

Cheap plumbers, is there such a thing?  This article is going to tell five reasons why people choose a cheap plumber. 1) Water is leaking or flooding. Toilets don’t flush. Water heater not heating. tub doesn’t drain. High water bill.  These are some of the reasons why people call a plumber.  The first thing people do is call a plumber, any plumber, who can get there fast, take care of the problem, and charge a reasonable fee.  It would have been better to already have a working relationship with a reputable plumbing firm that you already trusted.  When the … [Read More]

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My Washing Machine Hose Burst and Won’t Come Off, What Do I Do?

Maybe you and your spouse just bought a new washing machine and it’s going to be delivered in two or three days. You are checking out what needs to be moved for the installation guys and you happen to look at the valves where the washing machine hoses connect.  You may notice that the connections are all corroded or green and just nasty looking.  Are you thinking, I hope these installation guys know plumbing?  Chances are, they know enough to tell you to call a plumber to have the corroded valves changed, so they can hook up your new … [Read More]


My Toilet Leaks Around the Base.

A common problem with toilets is water around the base of the toilet.  The first thing you want to do is to dry it up around the base.  Then put toilet paper around the base, laying the paper flat.  This will absorb water very quickly to help you determine exactly where the water is coming from. Have a flashlight handy because it is easier to spot a drip.  Start by looking at the supply line that connects to the shut-off valve to the fill valve of the toilet.  Sometimes the leak around the base of the water closet is … [Read More]

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Can I Put Pumpkin Pulp/Guts/Seeds in my Garbage Disposal or Down my Toilet?

Fall is here and it’s time to carve a pumpkin and make pumpkin pie.  This  is a great time for the family to participate in carving a pumpkin and to enjoy the weather.  What will turn a fun time intoa plumbing disaster is to carve the pumpkin in the kitchen sink,  thinking your disposal will just grind the pulp and seeds up, never to be seen again. Take this advice from your professional plumber: Don’t put pumpkin pulp or pumpkin seeds down your disposal.  The pumpkin pulp is stringy and sticky.  When it dries, it hardens in the drain pipes … [Read More]

Should I Turn Off My Water When I Leave My House?

There are a few folks who have gone through more than one flood in their lifetime from their plumbing system failing.   Usually, if you are going to have a leak or a flood, Murphy’s Law dictates that it will happen when you are gone. Professional plumbers will always tell you to turn off the main valve to your house if you are going to be gone.  Gone for how long is the question. Don’t wait until the day of your departure to see if your main valve turns off or not.  Chances are, it won’t turn off or it might … [Read More]

Why Do I Run Out Of Hot Water Or Just Get Lukewarm Water?

Running out of hot water has happened to a lot of folks.  Why is it, that it happens at the coldest time of the year? Murphy’s Law or not? If you currently have an electric water heater, and have had plenty of hot water in the past and now you are only getting lukewarm water, then this is an indication of a lower heating element not working. There are several ways to confirm this.  First turn off the power to the water heater and remove both access covers, the upper and lower covers and check it with a voltage … [Read More]

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How Do I Get A Stuck Snake/Sewer Cable Out Of The Pipe On The Roof?

Your spouse says that one of your honey-do chores on the “list” is to make your bathroom sink drain because it is completely stopped up.  You’re pretty handy, so you say to yourself, I can fix that drain.  You either go and rent a sewer machine of you have some sort of a snake amongst all your cool tools.  Then you say to yourself, I’ve seen professional plumbers get up on the roof and unstop drains, surely I can do this.  You put your snake down the vent stack on the roof and turn it on and you are … [Read More]

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High Tech Showerhead from Kohler

Who likes to get into the shower and have a nice spraying showerhead?  Everybody!!  What do you get the person who has everything? A Kohler showerhead that plays music with bluetooth technology, called the Moxie.  Not only does the Moxie showerhead produce a really nice shower, it will play the music you want to hear. The showerhead sprayface features 60 angled nozzles that deliver the full, enveloping spray you’ve come to expect from a KOHLER® showerhead.  Also, available with a water-saving 2.0 gpm or a 2.5 gpm spray, Moxie lets you save water without sacrificing performance. And the silicone sprayface … [Read More]