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My Yard Stinks and it is All Wet.

Does your yard smells bad and is the ground  all around the septic tank area wet?  Do you have little tiny gnat like flies in that area?  If the answer is yes, you may have a drainfield that is no longer perculating. A lot of people think that all they will need to do is have the septic tank pumped.  This is only a temporary fix. Allow me to explain why.  A septic tank acts as a holding reservoir for the waste and solids.  The septic tank is designed to always be full of water.  The tank acts as … [Read More]

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Help, I Hear Water Running, But Don’t Know Where.

If you are laying in bed and everything is quiet except for a gentle breeze blowing through the trees outside, this is good. If you are laying in bed and everything is quiet, then you hear the sound of water running and no one is using water, this is not good. The first thing you would want to check yourself, before calling a Sarasota plumber to find your leak, is to check and make sure that none of your toilets are running.  This will save you money. A common cause of the toilet running is the flapper no longer … [Read More]

pig in a poke

Beware, Pig in a Poke, Know What You are Buying!

Pig in a poke, what does that mean?  When I was growing up, it was a common expression referring to not being taken when one was buying something. Today, people are still buying houses that have been vacant and foreclosed on.  They do this do make money.  However, beware of what you want to buy.  Some of the people that fix up a home for resale, only give the house a cosmetic face lift.  So the house you are looking at may have newly painted walls, new flooring, new cabinets, plumbing fixtures,  appliances and mirrors. This all may look … [Read More]

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Septic Systems, An Ounce of Prevention.

An ounce prevention is worth a ton of cure!  Committing a little attention to the care of your system can help to avoid the nightmare of a failing system.  Assuming that your septic system was properly located, designed and installed according to state codes, you are now in the driver’s seat for the care of your system. DO’s: Conserve water to reduce the amount of wastewater that must be treated and disposed of by your system.  Doing laundry over several days will put less stress on your system. Repair any leaking faucets or toilets.  To detect toilet leaks, add … [Read More]

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Snake Stuck In Tub Drain.

It is Thursday evening at your house. You may of lived there over twenty years. You go in the bathroom to take a shower after a hard day at work and everything is normal. Then your spouse goes in to take a shower and you hear them yell that the tub is not draining. Well it worked for you, so certainly your spouse is doing something wrong. Low and behold your spouse was right! The tub is stopped up. Your thinking I can fix this. Why pay a Plumber? Tomorrow, you will just go get a snake and unstop … [Read More]

horse burial

Horse Burial “We Care”

LOVE HORSES I find most people love animals.  It really doesn’t matter what kind of animal.  Just yesterday I saw a teenage girl walking her Llamas’ down a paved road.  Of course I slowed my plumbing truck way down,  as to not frighten the animals,  and it just so happened that I had my window down.  The girl thanked me for slowing down.  I got to look at her animals closely and they looked at me.  You could just see their personality shine through their eyes. Most people who own horses, love them.  They are like a second child.  … [Read More]

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Why is Mold Growing in My Shower?

Black mold in  a shower is something plumbers see more than they want to.  We see it in kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and laundry rooms.  Usually the mold that is in the cabinets is from a leak that has gone undetected for a period of time.   The mold that grows in showers is sometimes caused by the bathroom not being properly ventilated.  Make sure you have proper ventilation and use a dehumidifier. Molds are fungi.  No one knows how many species of fungi exists, but the CDC estimates tens of thousands to perhaps even three hundred thousand species exists. … [Read More]

My House Main Water Valve Won’t Turn Off.

My house main water valve won’t turn off and I have a flood.  Many a plumber has heard that before.  Wimpy’s Dependable Plumbing makes sure that  all of our customers know where to find their house main water valve to their home and that the house main water valve works properly. Exercising the main house water valve from time to time is a great way to not only make sure that it is working, but to ingrain into the brain where it is located. During an emergency, such as a flood, is no time to try to explain to … [Read More]

A Plumber With Experience!

When people in Sarasota call a plumber, it is usually because they have a plumbing problem and don’t know how to fix it.  They want to rely on a professional plumber to do the job right.  They want a plumber with experience! Customers don’t call and say, send me a helper to fix my plumbing, they want a plumber with experience!  After all, if your going to pay for a plumber, have them send you a man who at least holds a journey man’s plumbing license.  This license means they know the theory of plumbing, how waste and vent … [Read More]


My Toilet Won’t Flush, Could It Be My Septic Tank?

A lot of folks think that when their toilet doesn’t flush and they are on a septic tank, that they should have the tank pumped out and that will fix the problem.  Pumping your septic tank is usually not the answer.  But now you have spent the money, your problem is still there, and your upset that you have to call a plumber. Before you pump the septic tank, get a professional plumber to evaluate your particular situation. There are a number of reasons your toilet may not flush.  A lot of times we find the outlet filter on … [Read More]