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Mom’s Know Plumbing, More than You Think.

As a local Plumbing Contractor in the Sarasota, Bradenton area for the last forty years, it still amazes me how well educated, moms, house wifes and women in general are, when it comes to their plumbing systems at home.  Mom’s know plumbing, more than you think! Mom’s can tell you more about strange noises in their plumbing system or whether the drain is draining like it should.  They can tell their plumber if the pressure seems low in the shower or the sink.  Mom’s can tell their plumber if a stain in the cabinet is getting bigger or that … [Read More]

A Plumber With Experience!

When people in Sarasota call a plumber, it is usually because they have a plumbing problem and don’t know how to fix it.  They want to rely on a professional plumber to do the job right.  They want a plumber with experience! Customers don’t call and say, send me a helper to fix my plumbing, they want a plumber with experience!  After all, if your going to pay for a plumber, have them send you a man who at least holds a journey man’s plumbing license.  This license means they know the theory of plumbing, how waste and vent … [Read More]

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What Is Wimpys?

People often wonder what is Wimpys, when they see our trucks.  Some people mistake us for Florida Power and Light trucks.  Wimpy’s is a Florida State Certified Plumbing Company.  We serve the Sarasota, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch areas, and specialize in plumbing service and repairs. What is Wimpy’s, the hamburger guy from the old cartoon, “Popeye”?  Well yes, that was one Wimpy. Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air,  was named by Winfred Butler, nicknamed Wimpy as a kid.  He was my dad.  He started the plumbing company back in 1973.  He wanted a name people could remember and associate that name with … [Read More]


My Toilet Won’t Flush, Could It Be My Septic Tank?

A lot of folks think that when their toilet doesn’t flush and they are on a septic tank, that they should have the tank pumped out and that will fix the problem.  Pumping your septic tank is usually not the answer.  But now you have spent the money, your problem is still there, and your upset that you have to call a plumber. Before you pump the septic tank, get a professional Sarasota plumbing company to evaluate your particular situation. There are a number of reasons your toilet may not flush.  A lot of times we find the outlet … [Read More]

Dust Free Concrete Cutting, No Mud Slurry, Clean,Clean!

Cutting concrete is sometimes necessary when you are remodeling your kitchen or bath.  The only way to keep the surroundings areas dust free, is to use a dust free concrete cutting system. Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air relies on the Hilti Dustless Technology System.  This system is 99.9% dust free.  It is an electric saw that will cut 4″ concrete without using any protective covers or zip walls.  Water is Not used, so there is no concrete mud slurry.  Hilti, uses a special vacumn system that collects all the dust. When Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air has to cut concrete dust … [Read More]

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Home Inspections, Do They find Everything That’s Wrong?

Home Inspections, by home inspectors, do they find everything that is wrong?  You and your spouse have finally agreed that the house you were just shown is THE one.  You picture yourself in the dining room, having breakfast as you see the sun coming up.  The house has a large work area for your hubby, to keep him out of your hair for a while.  There is the smell of fresh paint, new cabinets, new flooring, wow, just perfect.  The kitchen has just been redone, and the color of the granite top is just what you would of picked … [Read More]

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Where Is My Main House Water Shut Off Valve?

Where is my main house water shut off valve, is a question plumbers get asked a lot.  During the moment of panic, when your house is flooding, the answer can not come soon enough. Turning your water off at the main house shut off valve, should be something everyone in the house needs to know.  It’s kinda like emergency fire drills.  You hope you never need to turn it off, because of a flood, but you need to know where it is and that it works easy.  Also make sure it is easy to find and is accessible.  Just … [Read More]

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Sarasota Plumber Loves Sarasota!

At Wimpy’s Plumbing & Air, we love Sarasota, Florida. Not only is it beautiful here, there’s so much to do, including arts and culture, beautiful white-sand beaches, State parks, fine dining, and exquisite shopping. People come from all over the world to experience what we could take for granted. Sarasota Plumbers with History in Sarasota Sarasota Plumber, Bubba Butler, loves Sarasota, like he loves the United States of America.  Our little town has a lot of choices.  Whether it be where you go for fun or where you go for dinner.  Or when you need to call a Plumber. … [Read More]

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Integrity, Does Your Sarasota Plumber Have It?

Integrity, does your Sarasota Plumber have it?  Can you ask your plumbers’ professional opinion about your plumbing system and get an honest answer?  Or do you have to wonder if what he is proposing to do is just for his benefit? Integrity, does your Sarasota Plumber have it?  Its’ been said, that the definition of integrity is; what you do when no one is looking.  I think that is a pretty true statement.  There are times when you need to call a plumber and you just cannot be on the job site, due to various reasons.  So when the … [Read More]

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What to Do about a Leak in the Wall

Leak in the wall? You wake up one morning and your floor is wet near a wall.  Oh what a bummer!  What do you do?  How wet is it getting?  One thing you can do is put your ear on the wall.  Do you hear the sound of water hissing?  Is it loud?  If you cannot hear water running, maybe it is a drainage waste arm from a sink. Leak in the wall, getting the floor wet, may be caused by your air conditioner condensate drain line that could be stopped up. Estimate from Sarasota Plumber Before you tear … [Read More]